The FRT flashlight – Shines a new light on safe fire fighting

We had one thing in mind while developing the FRT flashlight.

We want to enable firefighters to work and fight fires in the safest way possible. We want to do this by making a flashlight that is unique, innovative and simple to use as well. These qualities make the FRT flashlight a revolutionary flashlight that truly supports firefighters in doing their job.

We are ready

  • LDG Stripe Technology

    See smoke flow. Quickly scan room dimensions. Non disruptive
    eye adjustment to darkness.

  • High Performance LED

    By combining a state-of-the-art LED with the right optics, we are able to create a powerful smoke piercing beam with the right color temperature.

  • Premium quality

    The FRT flashlight brings together the highest quality, the knowledge of firefighters and unique user-friendly functionalities.

  • Bezel switch

    The FRT flashlight has no buttons. The unique and innovative bezel switch allows easy & fast switching between the two powerful light sources.

A disruptive multifunctional flashlight

Due to the close cooperation with firefighters in which this flashlight was developed, two aspects turned out to be of the utmost importance: great functionality and simplicity.

The FRT flashlight therefore became a multifunctional, compact and easy-to-use flashlight, with the following three features:

LDG Stripe

The LDG Stripe Technology on the flashlight can be used in multiple situations. It gives a good view of the flow of smoke and quickly defines contours and objects in a space.

Bezel Switch

The FRT Flashlight is easy to operate with just one hand. It’s easy to switch between options with the Bezel Switch. No awkward push buttons, but a Bezel Switch that is super easy to operate while wearing thick gloves.

LED Light Beam

The LED Light beam is a "smoke penetrating beam", which gives you a good view of the color and thickness of the smoke.

The facts of the FRT flashlight

2 light sources. 4.5 to 9.5 hours of runtime. 185 Lumens LED. 1 flashlight. These impressive numbers clearly show what makes the FRT flashlight a revolutionary and unique product.

The flashlight is suitable for use in HAZLOC, ATEX and IECEx, Zone 0 hazardous locations and takes into account the certification required in different countries or situations. This makes the flashlight usable worldwide.

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