Turning innovative dreams into a
safe reality

Bringing innovation where it’s needed most.

Develop professional, portable lighting products, unlike any other, so we can bring innovation where it’s needed most. That is our mission from the moment we started working with firefighters, while developing the LDG Stripe technology. And that is exactly what we did with our first product; the FRT flashlight. We integrated the LDG Stripe and LED Technology into one flashlight. A unique and yet simple solution that provides added functionality to support firefighters while doing their work.

About Stripelight and the way we work

Stripelight was founded by three entrepreneurs, Americans James and Richard and Dutchman Nils, with a joint mission and vision.

Two of them have a great passion for laser technology, one has the drive to turn that innovation into revolutionary and usable products and make them marketable.

A few years ago, their passion for laser technology developed further into the unique LDG Laser Technology. While developing this technology, we talked to firefighters, who then asked us the question that led to the start of our company: Can this technique also be integrated in a flashlight?

The Origin of the FRT Flashlight

This question led to the first version of the FRT flashlight. The Stripelight team, alongside with firefighters worked together on realizing this first prototype. By extensive testing in actual burn houses and improving prototypes in close cooperation with firefighters, the revolutionary, final end product is launched in 2020: the FRT flashlight! A flashlight that brings together the knowledge of firefighters, the highest quality, and very user-friendly functionalities to become a Worldwide one of a kind flashlight.

More about the FRT Flashlight

With, by and for firefighters

To Stripelight it is of the upmost importance that firefighters work with the best products available on the market. That is to increase safety for firefighters during their work and thus enable them to help others in a faster and safer way. That is why we developed the FRT flashlight in continuous collaboration with firefighters. True firefighting professionals who know their job like no other and helped us improve our product and developed it into the best version possible. We can therefore say that the FRT flashlight truly has been developed with, by and for firefighters.